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Who are we?

Austral Falcon is a technological solution designed to digitize processes that currently are performed manually in the agricultural industry. The platform uses Machine Vision (MV), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to optimize decision making based on quantitative information, systematically acquired and with high precision.

The app measures, estimates and predicts the most relevant parameters within your crops through real vehicles, delivering all this information centrally through a platform that allows you to improve the decision-making process.

We modernize the agriculture

Our solution innovates agricultural processes and methods by digitizing the works, providing accurate calculations and data. AI’s computational vision monitors your crops and gives you real-time georeferenced data.


and register the most relevant data of your crop.


performance, planning and fulfillment of business commitments


the performance, planning and fulfillment of commercial commitments.

With Austral Falcon, we want to transform the traditional and imprecise manual method into an integral solution that meets the technical requirements of the industry and which, at the same time, innovates in all agricultural processes. Our tool searches your crops for the information you need to make the smartest decisions.

Horacio Contreras
Horacio Contreras

Benefits of having us

Austral Falcon is an technological ally who brings you all these variebles and benefits through an easily accessible pre-configured app:

Estimate efficiently

Estimate your crop yields with up to 90% accuracy.

Save and fulfill your commitments

Generate savings of up to USD 3,000 hectares per year and meet your financial commitments.

Accurately planned

Plan processes and reduce uncertainty thanks to the accurate information about your crops.

Prevents destructive testing

Extract information from your orchards without resorting to the destruction of fruits or plants.

Get personalized recommendations

The app offers specific recommendations to plan and manage your crops and resources.

View the information in one place

You can monitor and read all relevant data of your crops in an easily accessible pre-configured web app

Avoid last minute purchases

Improve your management and avoid buying inputs at the last minute and overstock of resources.

Manage your resources wisely

Timely information allows you to effectively plan and manage labor, machinary and warehouse.

Learn about the history and trends of your orchads

Access to historical data from your orchard and make decisions based on seasonal trends

What do we measure?

Our tool has more services dedicated to improving the daily agricultural work:

The solution gives you real crop information in three simple steps


We obtain crops data using Machine Vision and Machine Learning techniques.

Information analysis

We process collected information with innovate AI solutions.

Customer Interface

We deliver segmented and georeferenced results in a pre-configured app.

Our platform

Austral Falcon has a novel interface that shows all the variables and data collected in the crops, such as the weight of the clusters, the amount of the harvest or the weather conditions of the field.

Through the app the user can view the calculations made by Artificial Intelligence for harvest estimation and filter the results by different fields for a quick obtaining of the information.

Furthermore, the interface provided crops maps and interactive graphs to help you more easily identify real-time data.

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Our Partners


Austral Falcon is an starup that digitize differents agricultural works such as harvest estimation and count of fruits or clusters

This information depends primarily on the type of crop being analyzed. In the case of vineyards the measurements are made 2 months before the start of the harvest.

Harvest estimation is made by analyzing video or images of the crop that allow automatic identification of fruits by computacional vision. Then, based on this information there is realized a projection of the weight of each fruit at the moment of the harvest.

The harvest estimation will no longer need to be viewed as it will be an automated process carried out by the Austral Falcon company. After hiring our services the grower will be able to dedicate himself to task that really allow him to improve the quality of his crops.

Strain detection is performed by a science called ampelography. We incorporate this information into an artificial intelligence engine that by analyzing a high number of leaves of each vine that allows to identify the strain to which it belongs.

By analyzing the whole orchard it allows us to identify the presence of insects and the damage that they cause to the crop leaves in advance which in turn allows to generate a strategy to control this particular pest.

The bud count works by using computational vision which after analyzing large amounts of video or images manages to detect the buds of the crop and finally presents them in a dashboard that allows the grower to make better decisions.

The cluster count works similarly to the buds count but the software instead of searching for buds in the video looks for clusters.

If you can’t find the answer you were looking for, you can contact us and our team will help you in everything you need.

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